Fairway Ridge Estates

Kevin Higdon Construction was established in 2000.  We are Class A licensed commercial and residential builders and a member of the 2014 Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.  We do the majority of work ourselves, with minimal subcontractors employed. Doing so allows us to offer our services in all price ranges and work with a wide variety of needs.

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and your satisfaction is our primary concern.  From an initial phone conversation about your dream project, through the final approval of building plans, we work to make your project a reflection of your unique style and personality.  After all, it's your home--shouldn't it be comfortable to you?

When we have agreed that the blueprints match your vision, we maintain a personalized, communicative approach throughout the construction phase.  Each building phase is held to rigorous quality standards.  Renovation are handled as seamlessly and non-invasively as possible; our crew is professional and respectful.  For new development, we understand the excitement of a new home and work quickly to a move-in date, without compromising quality.